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Tough Love

Tough Love

Dear Diary,

Today I went to meet my fiancé friends.
Though I like him, I don’t feel attracted to him physically. But then, I have never felt any sexual attraction towards anyone in my life before. Maybe I am asexual…
Whatever, ours is an arranged marriage and I have to accept this.
I got ready.
He picked me up and took me to this famous café to have lunch with his friends.
They were all very friendly! One of his friend’s was gorgeous.

She was seated right next to me, and her perfume was so intoxicating. I felt a tremor run through me as her dupatta brushed on my arm.
I had never felt this way before!

I wanted to touch her again, to see if I could feel it again.
The conversations continued around me, but I was oblivious to everyone except her. As we started leaving, she came forward and hugged me. My body visibly shook, she must have felt it! She gave me a curious look. But I was feeling so embarrassed.

Dear Diary, What is happening to me?

Dear Diary,

My Wedding Day…
I was sitting on the reception stage, when I saw her. Though my new husband was holding my hand, the physical frisson that passed through me on seeing her was intense.
As she came on stage to congratulate us, she looked right into my eyes. Her eyes turned sad, she shook her head slightly and went away.

Souls know no gender, they only know love. Then why is my love unacceptable?
Looking forward to a loveless life….
Goodbye diary
I Hope my secrets are safe with you!

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