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The White Rasgullas

The White Rasgullas

Rahul took out his set of keys.


He very slowly opened the door of the house and stepped in. He was very sorry that he had forgotten their Anniversary date and so wanted to surprise Seema.

He had bought two movie tickets, booked a table in her favourite restaurant, got her a beautiful dress that she had seen in the mall few days back. He was all ready to hear her scoldings…


After all he had forgotten their first marriage anniversary.


He walked slowly into the bedroom, he knew that this time Seema takes a shower, so he waited eagerly sitting on the bed.

Suddenly he heard his mother’s voice “Rahul, Rahul…have you come from the office?”


He didn’t want Seema to know his arrival, so he whispered through the door, “Mama shhh…I forgot our anniversary, so I am home early to give her a surprise.”

You naughty boy, I knew you would do this. You know she is so upset. Listen, I have made her favourite rasgullas and it’s inside the fridge, keep this with your surprises, I am sure she will be very happy” her mother said.

Mom, you are the best mom and mother in law in this whole world” he said happily, still standing quietly behind the closed door, waiting for Seema.


Everything was set, movie tickets, dinner table booked, dress, flowers…and the anticipation of the bowl full of rasgullas in the fridge. Rahul couldn’t wait more. He just wanted to hug her, take her in her arms and say ‘sorry‘. He could listen the shower from outside and he was becoming more impatient.

Rahul, what are you doing here? I am waiting outside” an elderly person tapped on the door

Dad, shhh…”, Rahul said as he quickly opened the door. “I forgot our anniversary. I have planned a surprise. Seema is about to come out from shower. Mom has also made these rasgullas. They are in the fridge” Rahul couldn’t hold on to his breath and happily said this to his dad.

Son, come outside. There is someone outside who wants to meet you. Seema will change and come out” his dad took him outside.

But dad…” Rahul wanted to stay but his dad gave him a strict look and took him outside.


A man in white coat was sitting in the Sofa, Rahul sat next to him. 

Hi Rahul, how have you been?” the man said, as he took Rahul’s hand in his own hand.

I am good“, Rahul was confused and looked at his father. ‘What is happening, dad?‘, his eyes asked. His father shook his head and smiled sadly.


Ouch” shouted Rahul. And fell back slowly.


“Thank you doctor for coming here to give him medication. He had gotten so much better since last few months! I had been dreading a relapse since the morning. After all, it was his marriage anniversary and ‘The Tragedy’ anniversary today”.

“Life was so beautiful for the four of us. That dreadful accident took away Seema and his mom on their first anniversary! It has been five years since this accident, but every anniversary he behaves exactly the way he did on his first anniversary. Poor child, he could not say ‘sorry’ to Seema”, his father cried on the doctor’s shoulder.

Image: Rasgulla photo created by stockimagefactorycom –



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A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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