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The Unsaid Love

The Unsaid Love

She was blushing.

Something had happened, something was indeed happening, but what was it? Even she was not able to understand. She stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. She touched her face, “Oops! my eyebrows need trimming” she said to herself, “Even the upper lips are so scary, I should really go to the parlour.”

She immediately changed her clothes and stepped out of the house. Was this the same girl who did not want to go to any parlour ever? Was this the same person who just did not like any makeup?

Yes, she was the same person. Then what happened today? Why did she want to look beautiful?

That day she got her eyebrows done, her upper lips done, had a haircut and got light face clean up. She knew that he liked her to be simple. It was 3 pm, she was eagerly waiting for a Skype call with him. After all, it was after five days that she would see him. She wore the new blue dress that he had gifted her when they last met.

When her phone rang, her hands trembled, her heartbeat increased, her face blushed, but she missed his first call. He called again, she picked up the call and said ‘Hey‘.

He said ‘Hey, you missed the first call, I thought you were busy‘.

No no, I was about to pick up but it got disconnected“, she smiled.

They talked about everything, she was waiting for him to compliment her. But they finished their call and he didn’t. With a sad face and a heavy heart, she went into the drawing room.

She started to get haunting thoughts “Maybe only I feel this way, has he forgotten me? But that’s not possible, I know that even he misses me and longs to see me. Then why didn’t he say anything? Maybe he was busy with some work and did not notice me properly,” she consoled herself.

After an hour when she checked her Whatsapp, he had sent 5 messages.


‘You looked so pretty today! We saw each other after 5 days. Every minute becomes so tough without you. I can’t say how I stay without you people, but then destiny wrote this in our life, and now I shall set all the things right. I love you and shall love you till eternity. Don’t let that smile go off your face because that is my strength.’

Tears trickled down her cheeks. The bell rang and Mahi, her 6 years old daughter was home after a school picnic. “Mama”, she hugged her “Did Papa call today? Did you tell him that I went for a picnic?”

Yes honey, papa called and I told him. He misses us so much, he wanted to see you“, and she hugged her too.

It was love that was growing more stronger between Ruhi and Kartik. They had gotten married 8 years back and were living happily, until the day destiny took a toll and changed their lives!


He had to go abroad to work and she stayed home with their little one. It was after 14 years of their togetherness that they had to part. Life moved like a roller coaster in these 6 years, but every passing day made their love stronger and their feelings for each other grew multifold.


Their college romance was back, they fell in love with each other again, waiting for each other’s call, late night missed calls, waiting for messages, getting ready for each other and then a wait-a wait that had no deadline.


A wait to be together again forever, a wait to be in each other’s arms, a wait for a family to be happy again forever. A love that bloomed…that they felt and made them stay strong…staying away at distant lands yet together…

Image: Long distance vector created by storyset –



A very proud MOM
A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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