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The Rainy Night

The Rainy Night

It was raining very heavyily.

She stood in the bus-stop, waiting for the rain to stop. As the time passed her heart beat increased and she started getting worried. Three taxis had refused her ride because of the heavy rains. She checked her phone and saw that the battery was dead. She cursed loudly! Why hadn’t she listened when her boss told her to leave early as a storm was approaching.

Today was her first day of office since she had gotten married last month. Though her in-laws and husband seemed laid-back, she couldn’t help but recall all soap operas her mom used to watch.

‘A woman has to make a choice after marriage – career or family’

‘It’s a woman’s duty to take care of the household after marriage’

She thought to herself, “Today it is going to be a disaster at home. What will my in-laws think. That I have already started shirking home responsibilities!“.

And then she saw another taxi coming her way.

Luckily, the driver was going in the same direction as hers. She thanked her stars and kept fidgeting the entire way home. Almost after 2 hours of a bumpy ride, she finally reached home.

She kicked her shoes on the entrance, rushed inside, threw her bag on the sofa and said in a hurry, “I am so sorry, I forgot to take my umbrella. It was raining so heavily, there were no taxis and my phone’s battery died. I will just change and cook food. I am really sorry for all the mess.”

Hold on Rani, relax. We were so worried for you. Thank God you are safe. Go and change your clothes first.“, Rakesh hugged her.

She went upstairs and changed her dress hurriedly.

As she came down, she saw that the dinner table was ready!

Her in laws and husband were sitting on the table waiting to have dinner together.

Her mother in law said “Come honey, have a hot bowl of soup and then we shall all have dinner together. We understand you. It is not only your responsibility to cook and manage, it is ours also“.

Tears rolled down Rani’s cheeks….

She couldn’t stop smiling as she sat down to have dinner with her family.

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A very proud MOM
A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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1 Comment

  1. If only all in laws were that understanding, I do have friends who are blessed with such helping mother in law, but mine is a different story all together.

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