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The Product Launch

The Product Launch

She entered in a black chikankari suit in the conference room.

He could not tear his eyes away from her!

Totally dumbstruck with her aura, he kept staring at her. Straight blunt hair, black eyeliner on her expressive doe-eyes, that’s it. 

She greeted good morning to everyone and her eyes met his. He instantly turned his head away, without replying. He could not string even two simple words together – ‘good’ and ‘morning’! 

He shook his head and attempted to pull his thoughts back to the conference ahead. 

The conference went on for Five days.

They had travelled from Delhi for a product campaign and she was the launch lead.

Every morning, she entered the conference room in a different black suit. She would look at him, say good morning with a smile, and that was it. Coffee breaks, tea breaks, lunch breaks, his eyes kept seeking her. He tried every possible way to approach her, but she always remained within her office circle and kept a professional distance with him.


Before he knew it, it was Saturday night – the launch Party

She entered in a simple, but elegant black saree. He just couldn’t take away his eyes from her.

Today he was determined to talk to her and he grabbed the opportunity when he saw her standing alone at last.

Hi Rani, how are you? Congrats for the very successful Product Launch“, he said.

Thanks and same to you!”, and she was about to turn away when he stopped her.

Hey, wanted to ask you something. May I?“, he asked.

She nodded her head.

Why do you always wear black? I know this is your choice but there are many colours”, he said in a soft voice.

“Life has taken away all colours from my life and only black is left“, she said quietly.

I don’t know what has happened in your life but look around you, there is always a ray that leads you to a beautiful colourful life”, he said and went away.

They all stood for a group photo.

I now remember, I used to love baby pink” she whispered into his ears.

He turned to see her standing beside him for the group photo. They both smiled….

Image: Corporate people photo created by pressfoto –



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