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The Competition

The Competition

On his first day, in the bustling corridors of their college, a young man named Rahul found himself captivated by the girl who was determinedly arguing with a senior who had tried to rag her.

Little did he know that this very girl would be his fierce competitor for the Valedictorian position throughout next 3 years. Though Rahul was drawn to Riya’s intelligence, her eloquence, and the way she effortlessly commanded attention whenever she spoke, he never got the courage to actually talk to her, except in the debate classes.Β  Throughout the entire First year, Rahul found himself longing for moments of connection with Riya beyond their academic rivalry.

And then the stars started aligning with him.

On the first day of their second year, they were teamed up a opponents for an important debate. The weeks and weeks of preparations were gruelling. And the Competition itself was unbelievably fierce.

They both had performed great, but there could be only one winner. And it was Riya!

Rahul mustered the courage to congratulate Riya. To his delight, she responded warmly, and their discussions shifted from academic matters to personal interests and dreams.

The competition opened the floodgate to their relationship. As Rahul got to know Riya, he discovered a kind and compassionate soul beneath her academic brilliance. Her wit and ability to see the world through a unique lens fascinated him. In Riya, Rahul found not only a formidable competitor but also a person with whom he could share his deepest thoughts and vulnerabilities.

Their friendship grew, and their competitive edge gradually transformed into mutual support. Rahul couldn’t deny the growing feelings he had for Riya, but he was unsure whether she felt the same. He found solace in their shared moments, cherishing the laughter, late-night conversations, and stolen glances that left him longing for more.

Finally, on a balmy evening before their graduation, Rahul gathered his courage and confessed his love for Riya. With bated breath, he awaited her response, hoping against hope that their bond would transcend the walls of academia.

To Rahul’s surprise and delight, Riya’s eyes sparkled with warmth and affection as she reciprocated his feelings. In that moment, their shared journey of competition and friendship transformed into a beautiful love story.

It’s their 20th anniversary today. The cake is in the form of the Debate Trophy that had started it all!

As Riya and Rahul continue their journey together, their love remains a testament to the transformative power of friendship, perseverance, and the magic that lies within the realm of possibility.

Image : Image by studiogstock on Freepik

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