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The Choice

The Choice

The alarm had been blaring since more than 15 minutes. The phone was ringing in unison.

But they were hardly able to get through Anuj. Aadhar was shouting and pulling him, “Wake up Papa… I will be late to school again. You have over-slept again this morning.” He had not been sleeping properly since more than a month now. Priya had gone to the US of A for a three-month business trip. And he was all alone with no support or experience for managing the house and his 8-year-old son Aadhar.

Anuj jumped out of his bed. He rushed to the bathroom and started to get ready. The bell rang and the maid, Anita, was just in time to save him. She straight away rushed to kitchen to make breakfast. Aadhar, who had not move an inch before, was now getting ready for school on his own. Anita packed their tiffin and went with Aadhar to drop him at the school bus stop. Anuj was working like a raging bull to get ready in time for Anita to comeback and give him breakfast.

Anita was back while he was zipping his pant. Anita shamelessly started picking up all the clothes and cleaning the room. Anita would never do that when Priya was here as she would have scolded her. But Anuj did not know what to do. He just let Anita do what she wanted.

He looked at his phone. His messenger was bombarded with countless messages from his team and Priya.  Anita gave him breakfast, which he gulped down his throat, picked his tiffin, and rushed to the office.

He made it to his office in record 30 minutes, driving like a devil. Once in office, he asked the office boy to bring him coffee and started to look at his WhatsApp messages. Meetings and presentations and deadlines fuelled him through the day. He hated free time and lunch time as he just could not enjoy it. He hated the idea of going home. He knew Anita would pick his son from the day-care and give him lunch.

He had to leave early as Anita could not stay past 8.00 PM. Every day was difficult with so many tasks to juggle. His son never listened to anything he said and always playing video games. He struggled to get Aadhar to stop watching TV and eat his meal. Priya was always on the phone reprimanding him about the way he was giving Aadhar a free reign. Anita served dinner at 7.30 PM, but he was not hungry. He would eat dinner only after 10.00 PM, after Aadhar went to sleep.

This was also the most peaceful time of the day. Aadhar was watching TV and eating quietly.

However, getting him to leave TV to go to sleep was another nightmare! Anuj was almost in tears by the time his son had gone off to bed. He knew he is nothing without Priya, his first and only love. He made himself a black coffee. He sat down on his favourite couch and opened his laptop. As he finished the coffee, he wrote the letter of his life.


To whom it may concern

I have worked with the company for more than ten years. I have learnt all that I know today here.

However, I wish to go to the US with my son to join my wife. Please accept my letter of resignation and grant an early release. I am willing to buy my notice period.

Hope you will understand.

Your truly



He sent the email and called up Priya. She asked him why he was calling so late. It was 2.00 AM in India!

Anuj – “Honey, we’re coming…”.

Priya – “Oh Darling. Are you sure”?

Anuj – “I have never been surer. God has given you an opportunity to work in US for five years. It is also an opportunity for me. I will do my MBA from there. I am nothing without you, dear. I love you”

Priya – “I love you too, Darling. Go to sleep. Good night.”

Anuj – “Good Night”

Tonight, Anuj was no longer anxious. A decision had been made; he was at peace with himself.



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Shiv Shakti Garg

Shiv Shakti Garg

A Reiki Expert, A Humanitarian and an enthusiastic Blogger Seeker
I am an Reiki expert who wishes to help people in achieving their true potential.

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