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Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa

It was the two-month-anniversary of their marriage tomorrow.

She glowed and smiled and basked in all the attention he bestowed her with. Between them, they managed their jobs and lovingly set up their new home.

But she craved sweets. She loved anything with sugar. The problem was that he detested sugar. And she didn’t want to indulge herself into something he wouldn’t enjoy.


It was July and incessant Mumbai downpour had begun.

They were lazing around, on a Friday night, looking at the sheets of water outside, when she subtly asked,

“Can I make Sooji Halwa for breakfast tomorrow?”

He let out a sigh and his eyes took in her resplendent face. Her mirthful eyes intently waited for an answer. How could he deny this small request? He just smiled and nodded. She smiled back and gave a peck on his cheek but her mind had already started making list of things she would need.

The morning came, the sky still dark and the rain still falling hard. He was fast asleep. She remained in the bed, revisiting the recipe of Sooji Halwa in her mind, trying to remember every small step that she had seen her mother follow while making Sooji Halwa. She was excited to manage everything on her own now and see if she could make him enjoy “her recipe.”

After tea, with skies still pouring their heart out, she busied herself, lining up the ingredients and selecting proper vessels. He entered the kitchen, the phone in hand. He casually walked up to her and said,

“Let us call my mom”

Puzzled, she looked up. “Now? Why?”

“Actually, I don’t like Sooji Halwa. But I can still tolerate it if it is prepared exactly like my mom does,” he declared and connected the call. Her face fell and all her enthusiasm whooshed out of her body. Eventually, the Halwa got made and he just managed to finish the first serving. However, she didn’t enjoy it as she usually did.


After almost a month, on a rainy evening, she again craved for Sooji Halwa.

Like earlier, she prepared everything. Once again, he called his mother. But this time, the mother could not help. She was busy with something else.

“Let us call your mother then,” he insisted.

“No need. Let me give it a try on my own,” her eyes twinkled.

And she immersed herself in the kadhai and the ghee and the sooji and the sugar. After the Halwa was ready, she sprinkled it with some dry fruits for some crunch. Then she served it with meetha nimbu achar.

That day, she watched in pure joy, as he helped himself to a second serving. This time, even she relished it.


After a few days, they visited his parents over the weekend. And when Ma offered to make Sooji Halwa, he announced,

“Let your bahu prepare it this time, Ma. And let us have some meetha nimbu achar with it.”

She almost danced her way to the kitchen.



Halwa photo created by stockimagefactorycom 



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