A friend of mine has finally left her very abusive relationship. Even though he never physically harmed her, but he was such a narcissist. Poor girl was left with literally no confidence and no friends or life outside marriage, Finally she met another man (a colleague) who has helped her make this decision of leaving her husband. She is staying with me for a while now, till her divorce gets final. The problem is that she keeps crying that she could not sustain her relationship. i mean, why is she feeling guilty of coming out a relationship with that monster!!!

I’m going through a really tough situation right now. How do you move on from a man who only wanted to use you physically? Though I did realise this a long back, but kept flitting in and out of the relationship. Last month, I asked him to accompany me to the company party, and he expressed such disdain over my physical appearance that it completely shook me! I told him to leave then and there. The problem is, he hasn’t tried to contact me at all since the breakup. It’s been tough to get over everything. I feel miserable, completely ...

How do I know if it’s time to seek professional help for depression? It can be challenging to recognize when it is time to consider going to a therapist for depression. However, here are some signs that may indicate it is time to seek professional help: 1. Feelings of sadness : If you are experiencing feelings of sadness or hopelessness that persist for more than two weeks, it may be time to consider seeing a therapist. These feelings can be a symptom of depression, and a qualified mental health professional can help you to manage and work through them. 2. Loss of interest : If ...

Broken from inside after 11 long years of one-sided love and sacrifice, and today I find that he is going out with a colleague from work. He hasn’t ever said he loved me, never initiated physical relationship, never taken me out unless I forced him. We don’t have children because he said he didn’t want any. Today, don’t know what took me to look at his phone while he was in shower. 100s of lovey dovey messages, number of baby shona voice notes. I locked the phone before he came out and we’re both in office now. But I don’t ...

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We r married snce 23 yrs now. my husband use to beat me (only when drunk) in front of my children. now, both my kids hv left home to go to colg. I do not want to be alone with hsband at all. It is been more thn 1 yr when he last beated me. But i am scared that he will start again. please tell me how can i stop him frm drinking wihtout his knwldg.


My husband always makes fun of my dark complexion. Many times I tried to make him understand that’s I don’t like making fun of myself, but he continuously does it.What should I do to make him stop saying anything about my complexion, because I am really fed up of these things.

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I am just here to thank @Shila Dave mam for helping my friend out from her toxic relationship! I was so afraid that she was going into depression, but thankfully she is a like a new person now. Of course she;s not ready to get into another relationship yet, but I am sure she will get there. Guys, therapies do work. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you feel a situation is causing you too much hurt. God bless you Shila mam