A friend of mine has finally left her very abusive relationship. Even though he never physically harmed her, but he was such a narcissist. Poor girl was left with literally no confidence and no friends or life outside marriage, Finally she met another man (a colleague) who has helped her make this decision of leaving her husband. She is staying with me for a while now, till her divorce gets final. The problem is that she keeps crying that she could not sustain her relationship. i mean, why is she feeling guilty of coming out a relationship with that monster!!!

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This is something quite common I think, but I dont know how to deal. My husband gives me just enough money for houeshold kharcha. Not even 100 rs more. If I have to buy anything else, i have to ask him and he decides if I should buy it. He earns good, he buys expensive dresses for me also sometime. But they are never my choice. And if I dont wear them, he dont buy anything for me for a long time. What should i do?

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Guys, this is in continuation to my previous query, So, my cousin is supposed to get married to this guy in a few months – arranged marraige. he and his family had initially said they require no dowry. Even then my relatives had told them that they will give a car, I-10 to them. Now suddenly they are saying that they want a creta car and they should provide 10 lakh cash as booking amount for a new home the boy will buy after marraige. My cousin is of course very angry and wants to break off ...


My husband is just so angry all the time. He get up, shout for food, water, clothes, anything. Then shouts at me before going to office to tell me to do house work properly. I do everything, no maid at all. Then he come home late in night, and never like what I cook, even if i cook his fav. Then he say house is not clean, his clothes is not clean, what I do all day, just sit and watch TV? He never hit me, never. or say bad words to me. But he is angry. He was not ...


I am totally frustrated. My elder brother-in-law had come to visit us last month. He is a divorcee and works from home. So, he has no obligations anywhere else. I thought he will leave in a few days, but it has been more than one month. My husband goes to office, and BIL just sits in the drawing room and keeps watching me do house work, does not say anything, just stares. We have a full-time maid also, so I am not really worried, physically. But it weirds me out. I don;t even know what to tell to my husband, ...

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I have a problem, my bf says he loves me a lot. We are going out for 6 months. But he never shows me his whatsapp. He takes his phone even in bathroom. His whatsapp is face-locked, I cannot open it. I feel that he is hide something. What can I do to see his chats?

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I just want to thank Absolute Talks for this anonymous, yet trustworthy space for us to talk about relationship problems. I finally reached out to a relationship counselor here. After just a few sessions of therapy, I can safely say that my future looks a whole lot better than it seemed sometime back. Reaching out and asking for help may feel a difficult, but Guys, please do. You won’t regret.


My neice is very close to me. She is working in a good MNC. A junior in her department had recently approached her. He is smart, from a good family, a decent fellow (they hv been working together since almost a year now.) She is in a dilemma, since he will always remain her junior unless either switch company. same with salary. She doesn’t want to start a casual relationship, and thinks they are certain to have ego issues if they move ahead. I am at a loss to advice her. What should I tell her?


Hello , I am proud mother of 3.8 year old daughter.i left my husband house when she was just 9 months . I wait for some time just to see may be if are away my husband might changed his drinking and other bad mantality but he did not .after 1 yaer with lawer advice started the divorce case inbetween he did not even try to get the trust on him also his family did try to short out the matter other than go back to him without any trust . And thing is he don’t want to give divorce also ...


I am a divorced mother of one lovely daughter. It has been more than 2 years since we separated, my ex-husband doesn’t even talk anymore to me. I have been craving physical intimacy since a while. I really want to start casual dating again, but am afraid that the society, and even men will not accept this. Is this fear normal? Or should I wait for some more time before looking for a relationship?