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Messed Up Souls!

Messed Up Souls!

Smoking is injurious to health, they argue.

Infidelity, however, is more injurious to health.

We all discuss mental health problems brought on by various factors, but we never discuss those brought on by our interpersonal relationships.

You suffer mental, physical, and emotional damage. Every day you wake up with chest pain and no idea what to do next. Your day begins with the same person on your mind and ends with “why did this happen to me?” Was I not good enough?

That is how all of these questions can be answered

It was them who caused you to feel this pain, it was them who believed this wouldn’t last foreverβ€”it was entirely their fault.

Quit placing blame on yourself.

Sometimes the people who did the act even had mental health problems; they deal with issues they don’t discuss and wind up encountering more serious issues in life.

No human being on the planet is content with their life, whether it be a relationship, a job, parents, or anything else.

Humans are broken beings who alternate between appearing to know everything and turning out to be completely in the dark.

We believe we can solve our problems, and we do, but we lose ourselves in the process.

I am aware that it can be challenging to accept what others have done to you, but you know what is harder? You won’t be able to move past what they did if you don’t forgive them.

Keep in mind that, in the end, we are all flawed souls who betrayed ourselves by telling ourselves that we are tougher than this and by denying ourselves the opportunity to heal.

“The worst kind of cheating is cheating on ourselves because when we cheat on ourselves, we end up cheating on others in our lives as well.”

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