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Main hu na!

Main hu na!

As we shared the news of my pregnancy with friends and relatives, the congratulations were few, the advices were not.

Literally every mother I came in contact with had some new advice for me! And in this plethora of advices, there was this one universal observation – ‘Now you are going to be a mom, remember it is a tough thing. Do not keep any expectations from your husband. They just become father and hardly carry out any responsibilities. Look at me, I am handling everything alone.’

Within next 9 months, I became used to these words. Whenever I heard these, I always looked at my husband, the man in my life. Whom I have known past 12 years. I have known him even before our marriage! I knew he was a wonderful husband, and I had a feeling that he was going to a wonderful Dad.


And the day arrived when we finally held our little Angel in our hands. I had a C-Section. Even though my mother was with us, both me and hubby were really nervous. As the night approached, my husband decided that he will stay with us and sent my Mom back home to rest. As the night moved, so did my pain. I had to lay straight and could not drink anything; it was all the worse.

That August night, it was raining cats and dogs. Every time I moved, I cried in pain, and my husband would run to me and hold my hands. There was this one time at night, when I started cramping. It was unbearable, but I kept telling him and myself that this was to be expected, Doctor had in-fact warned us that I would feel this pain. My husband had been holding my hands for 10 minutes. “Wify, I cannot see you in this pain. What should I do?”, I could see tears rolling down his cheek.

As I moved, I had another severe cramp, and he ran out to call the nurse. “Your painkillers are just not working. See my wife is in such a pain. Talk to the doctor and change it.” Very calmly she said “Sir, do not worry. She shall be fine. This happens. You just be calm.” The bought finally passed, but by then our daughter had woken up again and had started crying.  He could not understand whether she was hungry (as she was fed just an hour ago) or she was feeling cold due to AC.

He first switched off the AC. But the room became humid. She started crying even more loudly. Then he took her and went to the nurse. She took her to the nursery and fed her. After a while she brought her and our angel was sleeping! He relaxed finally. He asked the nurse “How would we know that she is hungry and that her stomach is full and above all how shall we stop her from crying?”


The nurse laughed and said “You are such a lovely husband and Dad. Do not worry! You shall learn with passing time and experience”.


That night was really tough. I was so glad and relaxed that my angel has got a Dad who shall take care of her and also won’t leave me alone to manage everything. All the 3 days I was in hospital, he was available 24×7 with us.


It was not only those days, but for all the days to come. He took care of me and our baby. He kept meticulous track of our baby’s vaccinations, my health drinks and supplements, her clothes, all the rituals, everything.

I re-joined my office after 5 months. And so we started to feed our daughter with a bottle. I would see him preparing the feed in the bottle, taking her in his arms and feeding her at night when I was sound asleep. I could only open my eyes and shut; sleep peacefully that he is there for us.


One day I narrated him what everyone had told him during my pregnancy about husbands not helping wives and taking care of children. He laughed and said “People say as their own experience. But for my angel and for you, Main Hun Na….”.

And yes, he is always there whenever we need him.❤️❤️❤️

Image: Family baby photo created by senivpetro –



A very proud MOM
A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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