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Love or Obsession?

Love or Obsession?

The line between love and obsession is razor thin.

That line, my friend, is known as a boundary.

Few people understand it, and yet it is important to explain.

Many of you may be curious about the difference between them.

Let us start with Love;

Love frees you, but I don’t mean in a carefree way; I mean by freeing you, I mean being aware of when the other person needs you and being there for them constantly. Knowing and respecting each other’s boundaries love supports you in your growth, while sharing a cup of tea on bad days to toasting with a glass of wine on good ones. Love is watching Netflix on a Saturday night while everyone else is out partying; love is feeling safe with each other even when you don’t feel like your best self. Love is a sense of peace on rainy days.

Love, my friend, is what completes you; love is what satisfies you.

Obsession, on the other hand, is defined as:

Being in control, knowing intimate details about each other’s lives, failing to set boundaries. In the name of possessiveness, caring, and other qualities, obsession is always associated with love. While on one hand Love fosters growth, Obsession stunts it. On your good days, it won’t be there to encourage you, but on your bad days, it will undoubtedly be there to make you feel self-conscious. Obsession develops jealousy, it creates a feeling of insecurity, it involves being overly clingy, and it prevents other people from breathing.

Love is Calmness, while Obsession is Chaos.

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