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Love Comes Back

Love Comes Back

She stood in front of the mirror admiring herself.

She just couldn’t take off her eyes from herself.

Her eyes were no longer filled with sadness and despair. Her smile no longer forced. No constant worry lines on her forehead.

Was this really her? ?

And she went into the flashback-

Four years back she was totally broken when her husband abandoned her and their daughter. He just broke away all knots from them and put a full stop to their 20 years old relationship. He just blamed her for every mess that had happened and walked away.

But she hadn’t given up. She had stood alone with her daughter to give her a bright future. She had completely forgotten herself until one day she received a ‘hi’ in her messages.

She reverted with a ‘hi’.
He asked ‘how are you? How’s life?’

She did not reply back.

And so the ‘good morning’ messages started coming religiously everyday. She never replied.

This continued for a year almost and finally one day she couldn’t take it, ‘Please, I don’t like these messages, leave me alone’.

He replied back ‘Neha, I know what happened with you, I just wanted to say that I am always by your side, never hesitate to call me for any help’.

She did not reply back and that evening her door-bell rang.

She was surprised to see him.

He gently took her hands in his and said, ‘I have always loved you since our childhood days. What happened in your life was tragic but you should not punish yourself and your daughter for that. Marry me and I promise to be with you both always’.

She cried and hugged him.

It was after almost 1 year of his proposing she agreed to marry him and today she stood in front of the mirror as a beautiful bride, ready to start her new life again.

Suraj walked in with Pari in her arms and took her hands in his, ‘Come let’s go, your bundle of happiness is waiting to embrace you’.

Both smiling walked outside to perform all the rituals….

Image: Indian bride photo created by freepic.diller –



A very proud MOM
A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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