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Lifeline around waistline

Lifeline around waistline

Stop eating so much that you have to lose another 10kgs!

What exactly do you mean, you want to eat a sandwich?

Look at your waistline; you won’t fit into your lehenga!

Why not give the keto diet a shot?

I have a guruji’s number, and he will recommend some ayurvedic medicine to help you lose weight. I assure you, aunty, that it will work!

Guys, stop! Stop doing it!

For the love of God. My wedding is in 8 months. I’m not interested in losing weight. I am content with the way my body appears.


There are no buts. I’m not interested in hearing anything else. If you say anything else about my body, Maa, Maasi, Bua, and you guys, I’ll cancel the wedding and never say yes to anyone again. You should take this as a warning!

We’re all thinking about you. We don’t keep making comments about a stranger’s body type. Consider how you would appear. Your husband wouldn’t be willing to pick you solely because you are a “60kg girl in a 40kg lehenga!”

If he seems unable to pick me up, I will do so instead! So what if I don’t have an ideal body type? It’s not like every girl wants to be 36-24-36, and he didn’t love me because of my body; he loved me for who I am.

Now stop interfering in my personal life, and no more comments on anyone’s body! PLEASE!
Now I’m off to pick up my Zomato order! I, for one, ordered a sandwich!

Is it reasonable that your lifeline is determined by your waistline?

Image: Overweight woman vector created by macrovector –



“I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

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