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It isn’t too late!
Red Flags in A Relationship

It isn’t too late! <br> Red Flags in A Relationship

As a matchmaker, I have had numerous people come to me to tell me how they had been betrayed by their partners. And one most common trait I notice is that it all came out of the blue!

A relationship does not deteriorate overnight, guys! There are some common Red Flags in a relationship that start emerging as a pattern. It is important that you are aware about these and can track these red flags in your relationship as soon as they start.

Let me give a few examples – 

1. Lack of Respect:

No respect
During an outing with friends, Sasha received a call from office. It was a call about her promotion and salary hike! She excitedly shared the news with her partner, Jay. Instead of celebrating her success, Jay scoffed and made a condescending feminist remark, dismissing her achievement in front of their friends.

Sasha ignored it by saying, “He’s just joking!” 


2. Control and Manipulation:

As soon as they got engaged, Anu’s partner, Mohin had started to check her phone whenever they met, and questioned her about her whereabouts at all times. He insisted on knowing every detail of her social interactions under the guise of “protecting” her. She was so happy that she had found her ‘knight’.

She never realised he was isolating her from her friends and family.


3. Lack of Communication or Emotional Intimacy:

Emotional Distance in Marriage
After a long day at work, Danish tried to talk to his partner, Leena, about his stress and concerns. Leena was however, more interested in the Netflix series she has started binging on since last night. She told him to ‘man up and move on’.

She couldn’t stand that her ‘man’ would ask for emotional support and understanding.


4. Patterns of Abuse:

Male domestic abuse
Whenever Kanu and Vicky had an argument, Kanu would invariably start throwing things at Vicky, calling him names while shrieking violently. Vicky never told anyone for the fear of people laughing at his ‘manhood’.

He did not realise that he had become a victim of marital physical abuse.


All the above incidences serve as glimpses into different red flags that can manifest in a relationship. 

Be aware and Beware

Image by Drazen Zigic



Expert Relationship Advisor Relationship Advisor
Hi, I am Saurabh Goswami, Founder of Ultra Rich Match.
I have been working on relationships since last 10 years now. I am very glad to join Absolute Talks on board as an Expert Relationship advisor. Please feel free to connect for any relationship queries!

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