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A Letter to my long-distance Husband

A Letter to my long-distance Husband

Dear Husband, 

When today I saw you on a video call, your eyes seemed to be crying. No tears rolled down your cheeks, and you kept smiling and talking to me. I kept chirping like a bird, and you kept listening as a gentleman. Your daughter did not want to talk to you on a video call, but you were okay with that also. 

When you went ‘there’ to work, I thought that I and our daughter are meaningless in your life. And so, you decided to go alone ‘there’. Why did I never understand your pain when you were leaving us? Your heart ached, but you smiled. Our hands lost the grip of each other, but you smiled. I kept crying, but you smiled. And I thought you were very happy while going. I thought you were running away from your responsibilities of a ‘dad’.  Why did I never understand how difficult it was for you to leave us, your home? 

I thought you wanted peaceful sleep at nights, and so you went away so far.  Why could I not understand that all those nights you were only planning things for us? Why did I forget that all through the night, when you slept on that bunk bed, you missed your spongy bed here at home? I always cribbed about my pain, my sufferings, and my problems, and never asked about yours. When did I become so selfish? All those days when you stepped out of your bachelor’s room, you are not sure about you lunch, evening tea, or dinner. You just think about us. I never asked you if you had enough money for your sustenance, but you always sent us more than enough.  

How could I not notice the ‘sorry’ that you always wrote whenever I was angry, despite the fact that I was at fault. You could not come on our anniversaries, our birthdays, and I thought that you are emotionless. How stupid was I? How can I forget that you are the man of our life, love of mine, dad of our child? You are the person who always made every occasion special in your own way when we were together. Circumstances made us live apart. Situations prevailed over our togetherness and happiness. 

But I know dear husband that you shall not leave any stone unturned. I thought that as a mother only I have sacrificed, but I cannot even measure the sacrifices that you are making. You missed your child’s smile, her first step, her mischievous plays, her demands, her love, and everything.

And today, your eyes said everything. Today I noticed that loneliness in your heart and life.

Let tears roll down dear husband, let them get wet… Let them release their pain… 

Today in this tough world, there are many couples who are living apart because of financial needs and job requirements. Whether a mom or a dad, both are sacrificing… So I really pray that all such couples stay together as a family soon overcoming all the problems. 

(Inspired by a true story) 

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A very proud MOM
A HR by profession an an avid Blogger by passion

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